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Healing to Passion


 At Healing To Passion, I have combined Somatic, dance, and spiritual healing practices. These practices involve meditation, breathwork, authentic movement, and the cultivation of energy and awareness, promoting a sense of spiritual connection and inner peace. These practices change how you think, feel, and move through life in a way that releases fear and pain. Allowing you to identify safe spaces free from threat, pain and fear and gain healthy rewording connections with others and with yourself to get to joy.

Intimacy Coaching

Neo Tantra programs are a set of practices and teachings that originated from Tantra practices used to cultivate spiritual and physical well-being. Neo Tantra is the section on intimacy and sacred sexuality. My Neo Tantra programs are designed to help you explore your sexuality, deepen your intimacy, and find greater fulfillment and joy in life and in your relationships. I am passionate about helping people discover their true selves and overcoming any obstacles that may hold them back from experiencing a more fulfilling sex life. 

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Somatic Coaching

Dance To Uplift Logo

My Dance To Uplift programs are designed to help you on your healing journey by exploring the transformative power of mindful movement and connection. At the core, I believe that movement is a powerful tool for unlocking the full potential of the human body, mind, and spirit to help you discover the joy and fulfillment that comes with living a fully expressed life.

I specialize in various modalities, including West Coast Swing connection techniques, somatic experiencing, and spiritual healing tools. I work closely with you to develop personalized programs that meet your unique needs and goals. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mover, my programs are designed to meet you where you are and help you take the next step on your healing and intimacy journey.

Mindful Mornings

Motivate, Meditate, Move

Mindful Mornings Subscription

Mindful Mornings with Shalay is a daily practice designed to help you cultivate a sense of calm and centeredness as you start your day. Monday-Friday, you will receive a new message, meditation, or movement. Helping you reconnect with your inner self and set a positive intention for the day ahead. And each month, you receive an exciting new ChakraFlow video!

I have made these morning micro-practices short and designed to be flexible so you can easily incorporate them into your existing morning routine. They may include simple breathing exercises, a nice mantra, gentle movements to awaken the body, or a brief meditation to help you connect with your inner self. By starting your day with intention and mindfulness, you can cultivate a greater sense of calm and focus and carry that positive energy with you throughout your day.

Move with Meaning


Join our monthly dance experience designed to help you tap into the transformative power of movement, music, and your body wisdom. Each dance is dedicated to exploring a specific energy center of the body through a unique and dynamic dance sequence. You will engage in a variety of movement practices, including flowing, rhythmic movements and energizing sequences that help to activate and balance the energy centers of the body.

Suitable for individuals of all experience levels, and no prior dance experience is necessary. Regularly engaging in this practice can cultivate greater balance and alignment in your body, mind, and spirit, unlocking your full potential for joy, creativity, and well-being. You can gain access to these dances through the Mindful Mornings subscription. 

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